High-tech to low-tech: How I changed the way I use technology

It all started with my camera. Or should I say "re-started". Because in the past few years, I had progressively removed from my life every thing that came in consumables to replace them by de-materialised content. But I realised that by making it more convenient and easy, it caused all these activities to take way too much of my life (some more than others). When I was taking my DSLR around, I was taking so many photos it was cutting the pleasure out of visiting the places I was travelling to.

Good things about a busted smartphone (after a in-depth experience of living with a flip-phone for 24 hours)

My super smartphone hasn't dealt well with a full day of walking in the minus 11 weather of Montréal, QC, decided that it had enough of it and didn't even wait until its battery was totally down to give me the finger. So unless the phone Magician downtown operates his magic to resuscitate it and bring me back in my "relatively" comfortable situation, here are some reasons why it may be a good thing to have a busted smartphone

We’re at it again, hey?

So, I'm creating a new blog, to share ideas, fictions, stuffs I usually want to talk about but I don't know how to put it, so I don't write it. But there is a reason why my twitter account is called "machine à idées" (idea-making machine). And it's hard to have so many ideas and to feel completely hopeless when staring at the blank page. My twitter tagline used to say: "I have so many ideas, they cancel each other", and that's pretty much what's happening. [...]