We’re at it again, hey?

So, I’m creating a new blog, to share ideas, fictions, stuffs I usually want to talk about but I don’t know how to put it, so I don’t write it. But there is a reason why my twitter account is called “machine à idées” (idea-making machine). And it’s hard to have so many ideas and to feel completely hopeless when staring at the blank page. My twitter tagline used to say: “I have so many ideas, they cancel each other”, and that’s pretty much what’s happening.

So here is my new new attempt to start something and not bail after a while. Because I’ve done that many times before. Therefore I had an idea, something that people under 25 don’t know it was even possible: I’m paying to use a web service (I know, who does that?). So I get a domain name for 12 months and therefore I feel obligated to write stuffs. Because we all know that it will work, right?

Now, what kind of content is going to grace my blog from its presence? Well, to be honest, it’s to be decided in the future. I may even never choose to specify a theme, but I’ll use categories, so at least there will be something that looks like order. What I probably won’t talk about is my transition. Not because I have nothing to say, but mostly because what I usually have to say about my-attempt-to-impersonate-a-boy-for-35-years-before-I-realized-it-was-doomed-to-fail can fit in 140 characters. But if there is too long for twitter, I sure will make a blog post.

Finally, a small word about the title, “Coffee sans sucre”. Well, yes, I do drink my coffee black, but also, I’m a French person living in an English-speaking country, and I was, like, let’s use a title in French and English, because it has never been done before, right? Also, it’s almost the title of a short film I wrote and directed, but that I can’t show it here because one of the actor doesn’t want it to be public, although she plays really well and people tend to like the film despite its technical flaws. But I have to respect her wish, because, well, it’s the law.

So, stay tuned, I’ll be back in a few…


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