Would I live as a foreigner for the rest of my life?

I had to ask that question to myself at least once in my life. And by "as a foreigner", what I mean is "in the eye of the people of the country you live in". It can take many shapes. In some country, intolerance toward a specific group makes it difficult to live there, even if you're born there and speak the language natively. Descendants of Algerians people in France often mention that they feel like foreigners, even though Algeria was a French region for decades and countless Algerians moved to France around the independence. And I'm sure the same thing happens to many people in a lot of countries. [...]

We’re at it again, hey?

So, I'm creating a new blog, to share ideas, fictions, stuffs I usually want to talk about but I don't know how to put it, so I don't write it. But there is a reason why my twitter account is called "machine à idées" (idea-making machine). And it's hard to have so many ideas and to feel completely hopeless when staring at the blank page. My twitter tagline used to say: "I have so many ideas, they cancel each other", and that's pretty much what's happening. [...]